Ca:sh (Community Access to Sustainable Health) was a Media Lab Asia project that focused on how information technology can be used to improve rural healthcare in an economically sustainable manner.

The Ca:sh project worked with healthcare workers in Indian rural areas. Each of these workers monitor and manage the health of several thousand people every month. Their responsibilities include infectious disease management, prenatal care, family planning education and immunizations. Using off-the-shelf handheld computers, the Ca:sh project provided these health workers with an efficient data collection tool and instant access to patient records during home visits. Updated patient information was exported to removable storage cards, and sent to the nearest healthcare clinic for analysis and archiving.

The Ca:sh system was demonstrated at the American Medical Informatics Association 2002 Annual Symposium. This manuscript gives a high-level overview of the project.

The Ca:sh project has been completed and led to the development of the CommCare platform

Auxiliary nurse midwives training with their Ca:sh handhelds.
Last updated November 7, 2010
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